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here. that's size 24 dress, used to belong to sessy. now, she's wearing a size 6. that is 16 sizes smaller. come on out. that's remarkable. heather used to wear a size 20. now she wears a size 2. that is down 18 sizes. and finally jen used to wear a size 22. now she wears a size 6. she's dropped 16 sizes. all because of one man. you've seen his info merbles, read his books, maybe tried his workout. and you have been begging me to bring him back. so today he's here. revealing his brand new never before seen program to reshape your body. the man with the breakthrough plan is tony horton. >> it's about feeling good and healthy inside and out.
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i was the kid who was the 98 pound weakly who got the sand kicked in his face. very slowly over the course of time i understood what the combination of healthy food and regular exercise can do for a person. dr. oz: a one-man exercise enterprise. tony's sold more than $500 million in fitness programs, authored several books and created a meal delivery service to help you get in shape. his workouts are tough and intensive. but they have a devoted following. he's trained everyone from bruce springstein and usher to paul ryan, michelle obama, and women just like you. >> it's a combination of things that are very difficult. oddly enough, as americans we don't mind being challenged. we don't mind working hard. especially in this country, you're stepping it up and getting done and getting fit and staying fit. and that to me says i'm doing my job. dr. oz: can his breakthrough plan reshape your body?
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well, you say -- and you are famous for helping a lot of folks lose weight but you are argued that you are disappointd with dieters. why? >> when i think of the wrong things, focusing of looking good in that black dress for the reunion which is not about the big picture. what i do with my new food program or px it's focusing on the long term. you can think about 90 days from now but if you eat right today and exercise, you'll feed good today. dr. oz: come ofpblet as long as folks are losing weight. why do you care about the motivation? >> look, there's nothing wrong with looking good. that's part of the puzzle. i'm the first guy to lift up his shirt tat drop of a dumb belle. but -- >> do it. dr. oz: do it. you want to see his belly? >> dwron what you're talking
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about. -- i don't know what you're talking about. dr. oz: anyway. you know what? we're having some fun. it's silly. but obviously like i said, i like looking good. but for any i exercise today because it improved the quality of my life today. we're talking about flexibility and range of motion and being less vulnerability. and more dur rabble. i can jump off a cliff on my skis. i can do things physically at 54 that i couldn't imagine to do in my teens and 20's. that's what it's about. and so many folks do my program because that's what's happening. it's mental, emotional, and physical together. it's all of it zoofment i love the fact you don't get hurt in your program. which is one of the items i'll come back to. he's created a breakthrough plan to reshape your body exclusively for dr. oz viewers. thank you for doing that. how did you figure out this miracle plan? how did you put the pieces together? >> 0 years of trial and -- 30 years of trial and error.
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i was on the football team but more a tackling dummy than anything else. and i was a sugar fanatic. i -- my mother would say you've got to eat more fruits and vegetables. but i love the sprinkles and the marshmallow creams. my two favorite foods were burnt toast and chocolate cake. and from high school i went from sugar to grease. i had one of those things when itch a freshman year -- 1976 where you had these prong force your hot dogs and you elect tro cute those? and i put them in a white bun. i thought that was food. so i was exercising periodically, which wasn't enough, and i was eating whatever. i didn't realize that exercise equals fitness and food equals health and it's a combination of those two that changed everything for me. dr. oz: you pride your workoutses on being difficult and they are. you've got hard core disciples, michelle obama who has been on the set, and beat me up. >> i set her up to that.
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dr. oz: paul ryan. i'm sure generated a lot of calls for you. >> a lot of interviews. dr. oz: what attracts all these folks to your program? >> there's a lot of programs that are sort of my op pick in nature. i love platies but it's not enough, i love yoga. i love weight training but it's not enough. an eliptcal is a great machine to get the heart rate up. but p-90 x, it's yoga, platies, yoga, stretching, range of motion, about helping people change their lives and lifestyle. and michelle obama, paul ryan understand it and so do professional athletes and celebrities. i've been to 32 military bases around the world. they're using it in afghanistan. and they use it because it works. dr. oz: so i've got to ask this for so many of our viewers in who are not in great shape. can anybody out there -- and if they're in bad staid, still benefit from this? >> as you know a lot of my fans
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know, i try to make sure everybody gets involved. i don't care if you're in top shape or your 60s. the goal here is to find a way to do each and every exercise. the short answer is there's somebody for everybody. dr. oz: the thousands of videos, at least out there. my wife keeps buying new ones although she loves yours. >> what? dr. oz: she buys them. >> not just mine? dr. oz: they're obsessed with your videos. what makes it different from many very valid capable other folks making great videos? >> what the others are missing is me. it's me. stpwhroo that's right. >> you know. i'm going to get in trouble for that one. but i think what i've done that's different a lot of trainers take on this drill sergeant mentality. and if it's not fun. think about p 90 x. but in amongst the moves there's humor.
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i do it -- a lot of people think it's awful. in conjunction with the fact that there's a lot of variety and the variety avoids borden. z dr. oz: how long does it take? is there magic to that? >> the program we created is also 09 days for the -- 90 days. the first 30 days is an adapt dwrivefive phase where you're learning the sequences and movements. because they're going to be some are going to be difficult. and the next 30 days what you're discovering from these movements that are new, you're seeing dramatic change. you're looking in the mirror and say i am ready for that little dress. and the final 30 days is it's lifestyle now. this is who i am. i've made this commitment. i've learned the exercises. i can increase my range of motion, dig down more. and so now you're completely different person. not only physically but mentally and emotionally. and look at these three gals that had this experience. dr. oz: let's take a look at
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it. your 90/10 rule. you've argued it's not just the physical activities, the stuff you've put in your mouth. explain that. >> now we're talking about food. you want to make sure that the bulk of your meals are whole foods. foods that are lacking preservatives and chemicals. this is where the food should be. look at that. let's applaud that healthy food right there. dr. oz: so basically this is the way i eat. i eat whole grains and fruits and vegetables. look at that salmon, look at that chicken. we've got kale and spin ash. so what i've done is i eat these foods exclusively at the maybe calorie meals and i find ways to spice them up. this is really where weight loss comes from. this is how your brain functions, how your body functions. this is everything. and a lot of people have gotten away from this. so eat like your great great grandparents ate. if it comes from a shrub or
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bush or tree. dr. oz: why do you call these clean foods? >> like i said, it's missing the preservetives and the chemicals. it doesn't come from a factory. it's not processed. we're lacking the chemicals and fat around sugar and salt. so it's from nature. so none of the additives. like a lot of folks are eating out of boxes and bags, cookies and crackers. and we're trying to get away from those processed foods. and this is what we want to see. dr. oz: and the last 10% is bottled water. >> no. no. actually, because people need to be rewarded. if you're eating these kinds of foods and used to getting processed foods it's hard to go from somebody who eats fast foods and doesn't exercise to a marathonner who eats vegan. so we want to congratulate folks with a little chocolate cake. ok? because i don't want people to feel deprived. you can't eat this all the time. dr. oz: ohia? >> if you've eaton this, would you want that every once in a
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while? dr. oz: yes. i would. >> so i eat this most of the time. and to congratulate myself for good behavior, i go here. dr. oz: i like that. coming up, tony says it took him 25 years to master his diet. you can do it quickly and easy. his simple food rules are next. [ male announcer ] what if there was a help line for dinner ideas?
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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: the man behind the best-selling fitness program in america is back to share his to reshapeh plan your body and tony, you say it took you 25 years -- imagine that, a quarter of a century -- to master your diet and the rest of us can do it in 25 seconds? >> i was also bouncing around, changing diet philosophies but it only takes 25 seconds to write down the healthy foods we talked about earlier. you write them on a list and that's what you should shop. that's why i created tony horton kitchen. it's a way to get organic, whole foods, free range chicken, wild salmon and it comes to your door. you don't have to do tony horton kitchen but i'm going to show you how to do simply by yourself. dr. oz: three-step program.
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laquanda's going to join us. you say you want to reshape your body. >> yes. dr. oz: why is that? what do you want to change? >> since we are only on an hour show i'll start with my boobss, my belly, my butt, my body builder arms. >> if you look at these foods here, you look at potato chips, people think it's just potatoes but there's hydrogenated oils and fillers. the potato is something you put in the oven with salsa, avocado and it's a tremendous snack, a tremendous meal. it sounds almost too easy to be true but it's really that simple. dr. oz: this program's going to work for everyone, laquanda. but there's simple rules to practice. once again, this is all about choosing foods with one ingredient in them. we like the thought of more than one ingredient but single ingredients help.
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do you look at the ingredient you look at a product? >> not in a couple of months, maybe years, i don't do it. dr. oz: apply this rule. if rule number one is pick foods that have one ingredient in them, give me a food you eat that has one ingredient. >> i've tried one-ingredient hogies. >> that's a type of food. >> you can pronounce corn dog but you don't know what's in it. dr. oz: how about ice cream? how would ice cream fare? >> not too well because there's a lot of sugar and fat and dairy. maybe some simple yogurt. you have creamy flavor, it's probably less ingredients, there's a lot of yogurt companies that make phenomenal tasting yogurts that doesn't have the high calories and fats that ice cream would. dr. oz: you don't look sold. it but it doesn't sound like it would taste good. dr. oz: rule two is dirty snacks. apply this rule for us. >> here we've got breakfast,
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lunch and dinner. would you eat these three meals? egg whites with spinach and mush roms, a salad with chicken, avocado. >> i would actually. >> if you eat these three meals exclusively because this i is where your calories come from, one, two, three, you get to earn the cookies and the lollipop because these are things you probably like to have once in a while. it can be whatever your -- i call them dirty snacks or cheat foods -- are. you saw these three gals, 100 pounds plus. and you need to exercise six days a week, eat these healthy meals. how many ingredients in an egg white? >> one. >> nice job! dr. oz: what would be the dirty snacks you would indulge in? >> i would go for the cookies. >> me, too.
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me, too. i like the chocolate chip cookies. dr. oz: and finally, the third rule is to reshape your body. we are going to reshake it. this is a meal replacement snack, i gather? >> yeah. here, it really depends on the individual. a combination of things i like in my shake. banana, berries, cashews, coconut water, almond milk, rice milk. this is the whey protein, throw it in a blender, mix it up, have it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. on tuesday, you can have it for break nast, -- breakfast, on thursday, dinner. dr. oz: what i like about the the rules are simple and they're simple enough to follow. makes sense? what do you think? would you do that? >> this is awesome. dr. oz: we have a winner! >> awesome! dr. oz: up next, a workout that
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gets big results. don't miss tony's 10-minute miracle workout. >> coming up, 150 pounds gone. dr. oz: why did tony's plan work? [ female announcer ] unlike other sour creams, daisy is 100% natural, 100% pure with nothing else added. ♪ ♪ do a dollop of daisy ♪ good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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dr. oz: i'm back with tony horton, a fitness icon who has helped millions of women like cecy, heather and jenn, lose weight. cecy lost 150 pounds. unbelievable. why did tony's plan work and others fail? >> the p90x program worked for me because of tony's way of being positive and motivating throughout the workout that it made it feel like he was working out with me. the plan was a win-win. you knew what to do and what to eat and just push play. dr. oz: good for you. just push play. heather lost 136 pounds! [cheers and applause] was the hardest part of tony's plan for you? >> the hardest part about for me is i had a hard time keeping up with p90x graduates doing the workout because i was so overweight but tony horton kept me encouraged and motivated and said as long as you do your best and forget the rest, that's all that matters and i did that every single day and continued
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to press play and this is how i am today. dr. oz: that's so much for press play. and jenn lost 95 pounds. absolutely unbelievable. what did you like best about tony's program? i liked the variety and that he's always there to give you an encouraging word whenever you're struggling and having a hard time finishing a move and keeping up with the video. dr. oz: i'm proud of you. let's get to it, tony, teach us to how to press play. >> these are core leg movements, flying elbows. we got to modify our back here. left leg forward, make contact with the elbows. here comes the music. 3, 2, 1 and across and down and across and down and across and down and across and down. modifying, perfect. across and down. back and forth. big turn. it's in the seat. that's first move. pretty simple, a lot of core
12:23 pm
movement, leg movement. the next one is called hot squat around the world. glute squatting, knees are wide, all the way around, hop, modify if you want, and up. other way, perfect, and up. again, around and up. one more for fun. long do you do these for? >> each one is one minute and at your own speed and pace. we do five exercises and then repeat them. dr. oz: i like this. >> good, good. all right, so now we've got drills. this is fun and playful. dr. oz: think drills? >> are you ready, dr. oz. sit, go! hands up. dr. oz: i remember these. >> go! sit. no. no. dr. oz: i'm at a low level. >> not a good listener. arms up, arms up, make the rabbit face. arms up.
12:24 pm
sit! go! quicker, quicker, quicker. there you go. dr. oz: i like it. so tony has created a special 10-minute miracle workout to reshape your body exclusively for us. it's on all you got to do is press play to get started, metaphorically, download it, look at it, use it. use it for 90 days and you'll look like these wonderful women behind us. see the miracle workout, to one of medicine's most remarkable miracles, doctorate who says and cann to heaven prove it.
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>> the medical miracle. this doctor almost died and said he can prove heaven exists. dr. oz: i'm a bit skeptical but your story was so clear. what you're about to see may change everything you thought you knew about life and death. it did for one neurosurgeon who calls himself a skeptic until his near-death experience made him believe in an after-life. now he says he can prove heaven exists. meet the doctor who's called a
12:29 pm
medical miracle, eben alexander. as the harvard educated neurosurgeon, dr. eben alexander was defined by science and logic, dismissing all claims of the afterlife but four years ago a rare bacterial meningitis left him in a coma on the brink of death. >> at 4:30 a.m. on monday november 10, 2008, i almost died. i woke up that morning with an extremely intense headache and two or three hours my brain started to shut down and that's when i lost consciousness completely and went into coma. i was gone from this world. i saw something that was nothing short of a miracle. i saw heaven. dr. oz: what he experienced not only spawned his book "proof of heaven," it also redirected his entire belief system. >> i was in a very lovely, bright valley with puffy pink white clouds and was traveling on a

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